The synopsis

I’ve always been an artist, more of a “lets dive right in” girl than a studious fine arts student. I love all things artsy, love to touch and taste and feel. So art has always been an obvious choice of career. Waaay back in kindergarten, I first announced my intentions. People smiled and went “oh how cute!” as if I’d suggested I’d be an astronaut or an Olympic gymnast. Twenty years later, I’m still sticking to the plan.

In 2004, I started a Graphic Design program. The nice white-haired adviser said there was tons of money to be made, tons of jobs all over the place. Then the economy bottomed out. I got knocked up. I worked dumb jobs I hated and couldnt bring myself to get outta bed some days. Then I ended up a single mom. *gasp* How did I end up here??

I kicked it into high gear and made the big push for my degree. I made the Dean’s List 12 times. I rarely showed up to class, did a fair amount of homework. And I graduated, with a toddler in tow. I kiiinda thought my degree was the equivalency of toilet paper, but I put together and awesome portfolio and went interviewing.

As a backup, I shot out applications to a few different local colleges, mostly to keep my loan from defaulting.

After several excellent interviews, I landed the job of my dreams at a prominent publishing company. I cockily demanded $40K/yr and no one blinked. There was coast-to-coast travel, tons of perks and management responsibilities over a whole TEAM of folk. It was everything a 23 year old grad could want. Money, fame and power? And you pick…me?

Just to look less overeager, I put them off while I “decided”. I went out to the mailbox and found a admissions letter, offering a damn near free ride from The Ohio State University. Over the next week. I got two more letters from different schools, offering very similar packages, $40K/yr schooling for almost free. How often in ones life does this fall into your lap.

Crap. Now what?


Tell me what you think!

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