The Thrifty Shopper

So I’m fully aware that I have no money for clothes. But here I am, in my current duds, purchased two years ago, from thrift, no doubt, meaning they have a cumulative age greater than my own. And I’m surrounded by the funky artist-types and fashionistas who stay up late, planning perfect outfit combinations, charging the perfect earrings to daddy’s credit card.

However, a little birdie once told me, like 5 yrs ago, that the thrift stores here in Columbus have a half off day. As in half off of dirt cheap. :) Right up my alley! So with the change scrounged up from cushions and pockets and whatnot, and also with the help of some plastic (debit, as credit is an oxymoron, it’ll ruin yours. Credit. Credit ruins your credit. I digress…) So here are the findings: 9 long-sleeved shirts,  3 short-sleeved shirts, 6 prs of jeans, 2 hoodies and 3 sweaters and a wool barn coat, size 5T. Among that group is an American Eagle hoodie, an Abercrombie T, an Express slub-knit sweater and Nautica jeans. and a bag of thread. That’s 24 pcs…. $39!!! In reality, many of the pieces need some added pizazz, but that’s literally a new wardrobe for half the price of those Nautica jeans.

It’s truly a happy day in this thrifter’s world and totally worth fighting off belt-pack clad old ladies and hoarders. As a side note, if you ever participate in one of these frenzies, be prepared to know that some ladies will wear spandex aerobic outfits to facilitate trying on. Ew. Double ew. But the mental image is TOTALLY worth the clothes, no doubt.

Several pieces already have plans for alterations, cute appliques and the like. Pics to come, of course!


One thought on “The Thrifty Shopper

  1. I wish i could get some good stuff at thrift shops here. It seems here in the military world people don’t have much notice before a move. Which of course results in anything not taken with them, being left on the curb b/c they don’t have time to take it to a thrift store. And if they do have time they try craigs list. Not to mention most military families have multiple children and are friends with other muliple children military families so they tend to just pass children’s clothing around instead of donating. On another note, I really need to start blogging again. I was doing good till Phil came home. lol.

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