Dying Laughing at a funeral

Well this month has certainly been a month for the books.

My aunt died on the third. The details are patchy at best, shrouded with mystery and drug abuse. Sadly, she left 3 young children, as she was just 34.

Being a realist, I know these things happen. Its unfortunate circumstances. Buuuut once the shock was over, there’re some folks that could’ve used some cheering up, so I was back to my sardonic old self, happily bucking all traditional sobriety of the sort. Now when I walked into this, I didnt know what fun I was up for, seeing as she married into our family. So most of the family wasn’t mine.

Well, apparently, there was more to this funeral than my sarcasm. Yes, the deceased was announced to be the Sheep Queen of 1990-something and for the very first time in history, I’m sure, the pastor made a reference to the deceased being hog-tied in order to keep her in the box. Additionally, 200 country folk of all sorts showed up (my fodder for my comments. My mother was not so amused!) and my aunt was laid to rest in HOMER, ohio (as in the Simpsons, lol!) annnnd it was all capped off with a lovely podunk potluck involving game meats and several variations of hamburger and potato casseroles. For a semi-vegetarian/city-dweller, I was not amused and couldn’t identify much of the food, so I just entertained everyone else, laughing at fashion faux pas and country folk trying to be sophisticated, lol.


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