Rocky Horror Picture shoooow

So wow! I’m still sick but I got to see all my friends in like one day and that’s fantastic!

I was a lil down because I was supposed to be in Toledo for Kaleena’s 24th… and there was rumor of a no-pants party, which was right up my alley! But I figured the Hycodan the Dr. had me on wouldnt do well with the alcohol that would be inevitably involved. Plus, the anitbiotics gave me a terribly unsexy rash. Well, and the hacking cough and shortness of breath did nothing for my image.

So Laura has a fight with the lady friend and stays over here. We meet Christy for the OSU game. I tried to act interested, I kept asking about Penn State, trying to look like I was into the game (I’m not, I just wanted to see the band… but there’s that pesky half-time report that hogs all the time!) I ask again about Penn State’s kicker or thrower or whatever and someone goes “Thats no Penn STate, thats PURDUE!” crap. whoopsie daisy!

After, I went to Casey’s for game night and her hubby made tasty Asian-Mexfajitas. Interesting… And then… THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! The cult classic I wait for every year! I love when STudio 69 does it because its a semi-live performance, with the movie on the screen and folks running around in the dark, throwing toast at the screen and acting like its raining. A lot of fun for a tranny from transyvania and his bi friends. Till next year!

As for the “No Pants Party” thats exactly what it was, at the Skirt. I heard it was a riot, however, very few people can piece the night together. Perhaps it takes more than a few drinks to get over being in your skivvies?


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