Petal Lampshade

So I had this ugly lamp lamp in my pre-war little apartment. It was a round globe, sticking smack out of the wall. Someone had once attempted to “frost” it with a quick spray of spray paint. However, it made a drippy, globby, unsightly mess.

Not gonna cut it for this girl.

I started out with a round Chinese Lantern, the kind you find at Ikea or Pier One for $10.

Now this shade has a hole in the top and bottom, but I wanted it to fit over a bulb so I cut a hole in the back.

I cut about 100 petals from wax paper. I used a pantiliner as a template. Because the wax paper was once on the roll, it has a nice curl to it. Making sure all the curls were being attached curl-up, I used scotch tape to adhere the petals to the shade, beginning at the bottom and working in layers from the bottom up.

Once I got to the top, I affixed the tape over the top edge of the shade so that it was invisible.

Done! Ugly shade be gone!




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