Itchy skin NO MORE!

Soooo I dont know about you, but my skin is super finicky and often a pain in the butt. My face is pimpley but scaley and dry. My elbows and arm pits are crusty with eczema and my legs are super dry from Midwestern winter air. I try lotions and I break out in a rash from the fragrances. Bath and Body Works makes my nose freak out. I make gooey “natural” concoctions, which just mess up my kitchen.

I’m wandering through my local mall and get stopped by The Body Shop employee, Tess. She  goes “Pst. How’s your skin?” OMG… it’s horrible. Itchy and funky! She demonstrates the hemp body butter which has a giant pot leaf on it, making me snicker like a kid. I buy.

It’s thick and creamy, like butter. Obviously. It’s a bit greasy at first and it smells woodsy, like patchouli. Even as a hippie, the smell was a bit off-putting.

Put it on at night and this stuff is freaking amazing. It smooths dry skin, eliminates thick calluses, clears up itchy eczema and makes scabs disappear in days rather than a week.

I have stress-induced eczema that gets worse with dry winter air. Last night, the eczema covered both biceps, from armpit to elbow with an itchy, inflamed rash (a death in the family caused a bunch of stress!) that is quiet unappealing. I applied the cream and by morning, the rash’s redness and itch was decreased by about 25%. Another application at 8 am got me through the day without scratching. I’ve come to expect about a 20% decrease in symptoms with each twice daily application.

Previous to this, I had attempted Gold Bond, caladryl, Neosporin and other over the counter anti-itch drugs and while they temporarily reduced itch, I just had to wait on the scaly rash to subsist.

And so, I am a preacher for this amazing, all-natural elixir. Free of yucky unnatural stuff or pore cloggin’ oils, it’s fantast. And at just $18 for a tub, it’s steep, but I’m in love if it fixes all!

Have a similar skin issue? How about an awesome remedy? SHARE!!




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