New Graphic Design Project

So I’m making a new ad campaign for a local tech company. The current one is pretty blah, basic and standard… exactly what you would expect for a bunch of nerdy techs, right? :)

No, honestly, I wouldn’t have a job if there were ads to create for people who aren’t creative.

I’m looking for something simple, effective and very Ikea-ish, Target-ish, Old Navy-ish. Clean, modern, simple with a vintage flair. This, of course, was inspired by all the hours I spend in the printmaking stud

*** to answer questions, most tech companies fix broke computers. This company is proactive and helps you make sure you don’t lose time and money (with downtime on a broken computer) by offering “uptime.” they d networking, virus protection, cloud storage, websites and literally anything computer related. Like the geek squad combined with your tech savvy brother in law. They’ve got your back. This ad compaign will be a printed mailer and splash page piece for web and will be paired with more info on uptime. I like the simplicity of the ad but I really feel it could be amazing if  I could get it right. Like Apple. Simple, streamlined by enough interest to pull in artsy types


Give me feedback! Be mean, be brutal, BE SPECIFIC!! Please, please, please! My yoga teacher always says to make lots of mistakes, as it’s the only way to learn.

[If you’re still sitting there, I’ll let you know I have a reader counter and I know if you failed to comment!]


6 thoughts on “New Graphic Design Project

  1. Hi.

    I like it, but it doesn’t speak target, ikea or old navy. I think more bold bright colors, less sketch more doing and different fonts. Like the concept but what makes them different from another tech company? What is “uptime”? Where is this ad displayed? Would a bunch of hands holding together play up that its a team of experts available to save them xyz…aka uptime? Good luck….let me know if you want more feedback.

  2. I feel like the hand should be upside down so it looks like the hand is reaching out to help. Right now it feels more like a raised hand, like “ooo pick me!” Which is bugging me for some reason. I could be nuts though…it is only 6:30 in the morning so I’m not fully awake. Oh and should uptime be capitalized? The first time I read it there was a split second of confusion because I’ve never heard of uptime and since it wasn’t capitalized it almost seemed like a misspelled word instead of a company name…or make it a different color or something. Again, the confusion could have been because its so early. Lol.

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Of the copy:

    What kind of computer issues? Networked or PC-related? You might want to soften the “never have issues again” delivery, unless your clients are sold on that. There is a trend towards transparency in the advertising world right now as it helps companies to seem more genuine in our over-saturated media landscape. How about “you’ll never be without help” or something like that?

    Is this a business card or the splash page for a web site? Need more info! More importantly – there’s no contact information. Is the company name uptime, or is that a catch phrase? Or both? If the name is ‘uptime’, I would probably give it its own font (consistent with how it will be used everywhere else) – its own look, so to speak, so that it pops out of the copy. I do like the “can we give you a hand” phrase. I’m good with the fonts (other than the name thing). The first phrase makes you work just a little bit to read, so the rest of the copy needs to be super quick and easy for someone to process.

    Of the design:

    It’s well designed (of course!) :) I personally think the blue/orangey color scheme is a bit 80’s rather than vintage looking. I’d probably keep the blue, as it psychologically represents stability, but I might pull in a different color to give it a clean and simple feel. I agree with Carrie about the sketchy part of the hand – not sold on that. How about instead of the crease/sketch lines, making them into something that looks like part of a computer card? Like data connections. That would give the viewer a fast visual understanding that this is a computer company – the hand representing the personal nature of their business.

    Okay – now…. I want school credit for the analysis! :) Good Luck! Let us know how things go!

  4. Thanks guys. I tried to answer questions above. Being an ad campaign, there will be multiple, similar pieces (all paired with more info, contact info, pricing) I think I like this design but Annie, you’re right, it comes off dated, not vintage. Micki, I like that idea with multiple hands. That would be great for piece 2. I like the “pick me” idea. Do you know why you don’t? (now that you have more info?) Carrie, perhaps it’s not Ike’s or target but is it hip and fun (think hp’s making computer personal ads or the ups whiteboard or discover cards 5% cashback with the gas station doughnuts, airfresheners, car wash, etc) I’m really trying to nail this because I want to partner with them. They do websites and have a ton of contacts and this would be able to suggest my design services

  5. Well if you think about it, when someone asks if you need a hand they tend to reach out toward you. I’ve never seen someone raise their hand when asking if you need help (unless maybe if they’re helping you flag a taxi?) But the raised hand causes images of over eager children to flash in my head which gives me an overall juvenile/unprofessional/newbie to the field feeling…like I wouldn’t easily trust them to be able to fix my computer. But I’m pretty sure my brain is wired differently than most peoples :)

  6. Ok, so I was looking at this again and realized that “can we give you a hand” can be read a couple different ways. I was reading it with emphasis on “hand” so it sounded like they’re asking if you need help. But I just realized it can also be read with emphasis on “we” sounding like they already know you need help and are asking if they can be the one to help you (which would make the hand up make more sense). Is there a way to make consumers read it one way, like making the word you wand emphasized bold or something? Hope this makes sense and helps in some way :)

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