Printing Press Monoprints


So, fellow Artsies, you ask me: what have you been doing, wasting time! You haven’t seen anything creative lately, right? Here’s the monoprint I made today.

My professor, Hui-Chu is Chinese and very, well, yogi-zen. So describes printmaking “like making love.” You find two media (ink and paper, etc) and try and estimate what kind of match they’ll make. You “kiss” them together, throw them under the wool blankets on the “bed” of the printing press and turn the handle. This is much like marriage, 550 psi of pressure, painstakingly cranked with a great iron handle. It’s tiring. The roller stays in one location (it just revolves) but the bed arrives at the other end of the press, you lift up the blankets and see what you have. Some times, it’s orgasmic ecstasy, other times… well, it’s a little “flop,” hee hee!

We finish rolling this through the printer and pull out the paper. She wants to see what kind of marriage I created with my ink and paper. “Ooooooo!” says Hui-Chu. No goo mawidge! It like… It like… Orwange is liiiiike graphy designer. Beautifuw! Very twendy! But this mossy gween? It like… like hiwbiwy (hill billy). They make no good marriage. Oh no! Hiwbiwy do NOT! bewong wit awtist!! NO GOOD!
The irony? I’m a graphic designer dating a hillbilly :) But I think our marriage is very lovely.







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