New spaces!

As you may new, I’m in a new place. I’ve got a lot going on with midterms, a 4 yr old, university, a death in the family, sick relatives, holidays and whatever else.

Here’s the new art studio. It’s not big and it’s not finished, but it’s mine, all mine. Every Artsy know how crucial your own space can be! It’s your sanctuary, your wondrous place, full of beautiful ephemera, tons of books, work from favorite artist friends and stacks and stacks of interesting papers, textures and patterns.

This space was made on a shoestring budget, with a tall bookshelf on it’s side. There’s an old 1950’s “brick” Argus camera, lots of books on all things artsy, a bone china cherry blossom soup tureen full of beads, soda bottles, feather and bird artwork from a local shop.

Recognize the petal lampshade? That’s a DIY demo I did way back when:


Tell me what you think!

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