Poll: Color combo for art studio?

Okay, so I need some help. I’m doing the finishing touches on my studio and I’m not sure what color to go with.

Now in reality, this “studio” in question is a very, very large, square-ish closet off of my bedroom. There’s more than enough room for shelves, a desk and an easel. Being a small space, I can really make an impact with color.

The bedroom has two large windows and a windowed door off to a large terrace (opposite the studio). In the summer, there will be an amazing breeze sweeping through.  Off the terrace are large, shady trees and a wooded, country setting. The bedroom is very Ikea with a modern vintage feel and lots of black/charcoal/gray and pops of bright color. Both the bedroom and the outside space are inspirations.

There’s a door on the studio so the color will not interfere with the feeling of the bedroom.

I’m looking for a “junk shop” feel, a place that pulls you in and makes you want to stay because there are so many neat books, images and vintage curiosities inside. A place to inspire that will also calm. Although I will be doing some reading and studying, most of the time in this room will be spent doing Graphic Design, sewing or painting at the easel. (Though I’m always doing odd jobs on the tabletop)


Tell me what you think!

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