Old table… New Life!

Ready for spring?

Part of being a yard-saler and thrifter means getting less than desirable objects and fixing them up in a beautiful way that makes them seem boutique-inspired at a fraction of the cost.

Being a printmaker, I fell in love with this idea. By creating multiple stencils with an exact-o, you can make a menagerie of organic shapes in a vintage, ecclectic way that seems so anti-big-box-store. (Sorry, Ikea)

table painted in a medium tone, such as the gray we used, works best. When stenciling, pat the sponge in a dab of paint, and blot excess on the palette. Then apply paint in thin coats, taking care that it doesn’t drip or pool, until the area is covered. If a design requires several colors, use a separate sponge for each. You may opt to adjust a paint’s transparency or mix hues.

Tools and Materials
Table painted with latex paint
Drafting tape
Small sheet of glass (palette)
Palette knife
5 to 7 ounces acrylic paint in green, gray, and white
Floral stencil kit
Natural sea sponges

Stenciled Tabletop How-To
1. For a rough guide, mark a uniform border with drafting tape 3 inches from table’s edge.

2. Prepare palette with each paint, blending with palette knife to create additional shades of green and gray if desired. Place large peony stencil 6 inches from table’s edge; secure with tape if desired. Use sponge to apply white paint to stencil. Let dry 2 minutes. Stencil 2 more peonies, equidistant from each other and from table’s edge.

3. Starting with 1 peony, incorporate leaves and smaller flowers, positioning stencils so stems conform to round garland shape. Using a different sponge for each color, paint according to above procedure. Flip stencil if desired for variety. When using multiple colors with 1 stencil, cover areas not in use with tape.



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