Kids Room Redo!

We’ve moved to a new place and new spaces beg for new decor.

Not that we didn’t love the castle bed and matching bedspread. It was just that there wasn’t enough room on the truck and so some nice lady from Craigslist bought the bed. (Here are links to the bed and spread)

Maybe it’s cliche, but as a graphic designer, I love love love typography and all things, well, graphic. So using spray paint, acrylic paint, basic art brushes, masking tape and print offs of numbers, I set forth. Stacey did the orange one, since that’s her favorite color. I prefer aqua, and so used it as the background color for my piece.

After measuring and taping off pretty little boxes, I sprayed the wall and let it dry.

Next, I cut out the numbers to use as stencils and to use for making placement decisions. Once I had all the numbers where I liked them, I taped them there and traced around them with a pencil. I made sure to vary the design by not placing a large sans serif 5 next to, say a small serif 1, to add interest. I also staggered the number forms so that some run off the composition or overflow into the next frame.

Remove the paper.

Paint by number. I kept a limited palette of rust, navy, charcoal and black and made sure a number wasn’t beside a number with the same color. That’s why I planned it out as a paint by number, so I don’t “paint myself into a corner” by having 2 red numbers side-by-side.

Let dry overnight. Remove tape. Voila! New art… $0!!




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