USA: Melting Pot Meant to Allow Freedom and Equal Rights

I think five words sum it all up: “separation of church and state” You, the voter, made that declaration. Some hate it, some love it. Realistically, it says “no matter what your Bible/Koran/ancient texts say, the law will remain independent and unaffected.” ACLU lawyers fight daily so that no one can force any to do something they are reasonably religiously entitled to, and also that no one pushes religious entitlement on anyone else.

What does that mean?  Christians, feel free to baptize in the waters of America’s lakes and oceans. Pagans? Enjoy your summer solstice! Dance until your face is sunburned. Muslims: we support your pilgrimage. Amish, your buggies and well-built furniture are iconic. (sorry, ikea!)

Going along those lines, but veering on a slight tangent:  Blacks, enjoy your month of History, we’ll celebrate too! Jews, your Jewish Centers are generally pretty awesome, I’m glad you welcome everyone. Christians/Catholics: your cathedrals are architectural marvels, thank you opening your doors for a tour. Yogis: the art of meditation would never have been the same without you sharing your techniques of relaxation. We all share our beliefs openly and allow others to reasonable do so, as well.

America is a melting pot of people, stirred to encourage new flavors and protected by the lid of freedom. In Columbus, the Greek Festival falls on Labor Day weekend and all are welcome to come and enjoy.  You don’t have to be born from Grecian immigrants. The Jazz and Ribs Fest is open to all, though Blacks were major contributors to the movement of the music. The Swiss Fest brings thousands to the countryside of Amish Country, where you’ll see more than just prayer kapps and buggies. Gay Pride falls on the fourth weekend in June, where people of all colors flood the streets of the Short North and Goodale Park area. Mothers, Fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents and godparents, as well as friends and supporters all come out to celebrate culture of the LGBT gang. There are tons of straight people, but all are welcomed.

See? We all get to do our own thing safely, and without annoying our neighbors, who believe differently. Rarely do you find that beliefs are inclusive and covert. People are proud of who they are! You don’t prevent me from living life my way, and I’m gonna wave when I see you in your driveway. We, as a majority, believe that animal sacrifice is not humane, and suicide bombers should be thwarted, but those kinds of restrictions are based on the pain inflicted on others, as a causation of your belief. Again, we don’t want to interfere with others’ rights to freedom and safety.

So why is it that the only major restriction on US citizens, based on demographics, is gay marriage? (A bi woman can marry a straight man. Or a gay man a bi woman. But not woman + woman? Or trans + man? As demonstrated above, law should not be based on one religion’s ancient texts (ie: Bible) as there is a melting pot of religions and beliefs. And furthermore,  [most] of America allows and encourages each person to belief independently and encourages the support and growth of religions other than, and including, your own. The issue has nothing to do what anyone is making you do, but more about how you are stepping on your neighbor’s lawn and dictating the way they live. Shouldn’t everyone have the right to happiness? As long as “their happiness” isn’t detrimental to your pursuit of happiness, you really should be very supportive, even if you don’t agree. (Because frankly, no one asked if you agree with your neighbor’s life choices! It’s not about you, it’s about them and what implementing marriage bans does to them.)

Most importantly, by setting laws and rules and regulations, you give settle implications about right and wrong. “Speed Limit 55 MPH” means any more and you’ll be punished. A curfew says “You’re too young to do that” A ban on marriage tells young gay kids “you’re wrong!” and subtly makes it a little more acceptable to pick on them. Gay kids are already dropping like flies this week from “stress suicides” where they are bullied to the point they can’t take it anymore. LGBT people aren’t going anywhere, they’ve been around for centuries, back to ancient Egypt. They are in the fashion world and on TV, even on your street. Heck, my doctor is a lesbian. Making gay “not okay” doesn’t get rid of gay people, just like making gay marriage okay doesn’t produce crops of gays in every city. In fact, it’s straight people who generally have gay kids. Blame them!

Allowing gay marriage/civil union/some type of something that gives similar provisions [we can call it “macaroni” if it makes conservatives less squeamish, but allows equality] would continue the tradition we have in America of allowing the celebration of who you are and encouraging growth of our neighbors, no matter their beliefs. America is a melting pot of people, stirred to encourage new flavors and protected by the lid of freedom. That is what is so beautiful about us as a people!

Peace be with you, whatever you believe.

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