Spring Ring!

Here’s another cool project that has come from my studio this month. A spring ring! To me, a good part of art is practicality. Some art is well… just out there. I think most art needs to be functional to be interesting (wall art aside)

I started out with a sheet of 18 ga nickel and cut a small 1/2″ circle for the base and a long strip for the band. I curled the band into a rough circle and soldered it together with hard solder (1500 degree F). After a dip in acid, I used a ring mandrel and hammer to size the ring correctly to my finger, a size 7.

Next, I punched out three 1/4″ circles from my scrap nickel. Using the dapping block, I pounded them into progressively smaller (more arched) domes. Once they where 180 degree domes and I could make them no rounder, I took them to the conical-shaped dapping blocks. The first egg gained a bullet-tip from this treatment. The second slipped onto its side and by way of happy accident (and over-aggressive hammering!) became an egg on its side. Huh! The third egg became a 3/4 view egg, halfway between laying on its side and resting on its bottom.

I sweat soldered the eggs to the circular base, using acid to clean up the fiery residue. I then used my easy solder to attach the base (with eggs on top) to the ring, with the aid of a third arm and self-locking tweezers to hold it until the solder flowed.

Lastly, after another cleaning dip in the acid, I wrapped 1″ lengths 14 ga nickle wire around the eggs to make a nice nest. I found that simply wrapping one piece of wire yielded a rather clean, perfect and boring nest, but by using the segments, it became much more dynamic, as the pieces could dive under each other and make a messy nest.


Tell me what you think!

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