Handprinted Peacock Wallpaper

Not sure how to decorate an empty wall in my studio, I created my own wallpaper. Online, similar papers sell for about $500 per 10 ft sheet. Right now, I’m really into jewel tones and this worked really well. I printed 30 prints on Japanese rice paper using the printing press, as shown in the photos below.

Using a reduction method on a linoleum block, instead of multiple plates, I selectively carved out areas in between each run of a single color. Each print required one run through the press per color. Four color times thirty prints makes 120 runs through the press over the course of a week.

I really had a lot of fun with this project. This was the most labor-intensive printmaking project I’ve done this far. Not normally a planner, it took about a week of planning and ink mixing, as well as planning the registration and other things. I’d tell you more about how I did it, but it’s really labor intensive and confusing to those not familiar with printing press.




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