This is really getting rediculous

Okay, folks!

I’m going to be real here. What’s the deal? I have no readers and no idea why! I link to other blogs, people link to me, follow me, I follow them. All the niceties required. I give recipes and inspiration, tutorials, art, design, new projects. And what do you give me? Your readership? Nope. (Okay, maybe this is an exception, assuming you’re actually reading this!)

There’s nothing more angering than clicking on my stats and realizing only 2 people read my post. Really? I spend 30 minutes blogging, researching and linking… for 2 people?! Totally not worth my time! Now, I love to write, I really do. Hence my dedication of 2 years. My grammar and vernacular are impeccable. I try and shake it up, make it fun, interesting, colorful. I try polls (to which no one provided answers) I tried changing search engine optimization. I give new recipes, I talk about how boring html is and how fantastic design is.

What’s the deal-io here?!  Can you just read the damn blog (or simply click and not read, just so that I think you actually put effort into it?) Or tell me what you want to hear about. I’ll write about that! Give me a topic! Give me some hope!
PS- stats show ‘views for last 48 hrs’ as a flat line. This project’s gonna die if no one reads my words.





3 thoughts on “This is really getting rediculous

  1. I follow via email and just read it in the email. I don’t usually go to the blog page. (I’m assuming it doesn’t count opened emails). Maybe others are just reading it in their emails too?

    • That could very well be, I never thought of that.This started out fun, died, and now its an educational requirement for my html class. It’s nice to know someone reads my stuff :/ Thanks

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