HMTL is like math

HTML is like math.

You’ll never use it. Ever. I promise.

I mean, of course my HTML professor thinks this is useful, after all, he just used it today… when he made us do it… and for no other purpose than to annoy us. So of course, in his frame of reference, he uses it!  However, for the rest of the world, unless you’re a genius or a computer programmer or a math nerd, I promise. Never need it. Ever.

I hate when math encroaches too close to my realm of being. It’s like “Hi! I’m just reminding you that I exist!”
Me? I’m not happy. “I’m an artist. Dear Math: get off my property. This is art school. GO back to weird math land.”

And lastly, Dear Professor: let’s plant our feet firmly in art and move on to WYSIWYG. I promise, the rest of the world won’t use HTML.


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