Photoshop CS6: explorations and review

I love to explore in Photoshop, especially since the University just upgraded to the new CS6. It’s hard to get used to, but it’s really neat to see all the new things Creative Suite inspires you to do!

First off, I love how CS6 allows you to search by layers. As many of you know, even with grouping or merging your layers, you soon end up with a tangle of about 300 layers, all in different opacities and with unique nuances. Now that you can search by layer type, name and effect (layer style), as well as many other attributes, it makes designing much less complicated. (Note to self: more layer merging!)

The pixel behavior when using Vectors has improved greatly. With CS5, editing vector points often rendered unclean edges. The Align edges tool snaps the line to the edge of the object, to the furthest pixel boundary, enabling easier Vectoring.

Layer styles can now be added to groups, greatly simplifying life for the designer, and making workflow much more efficient. Rather than applying layer styles to individual layers in a group, you can now group the layers and apply the attributes to everything in that group. (YAY!)

When you paste from Illustrator, it now always aligns to the pixel boundary, greatly improving workflow speed.

The Character Styles and Paragraph Styles available in InDesign have been added to Photoshop, making a much more efficient CS system as a whole.

Another cool feature is that CS6’s standard is a charcoal interface, but the user has the ability to lighten it, all the way to CS5’s gray shade, for better visibility and color trueness.

The list of improvements goes on and on. I wont bore you with it, but I will show you what I made in record time (that is, after I figured out how to use all the new features!) Here is a tutorial to get you started on making your own glowing orb.






Tell me what you think!

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