Hand-drawn Chalkboard-style Vintage Fire Dept. Logo

After admiring the beautiful hand-drawn chalk board signs from other graphic designers, I thought it might be time to try my hand in this, as well. I was really attracted by the work of another artist from Phoenix, Paul Valente of The Drawing Board Signs. http://www.thedrawingboardsigns.com/index.html


I love the way old signs had so much character. They said something about the shop. Even the old neon signs had character sometimes, like an old hotel in Mesa, AZ that had a 1940’s bombshell in a lime bathing suit diving into a pool, in three lit-up sections. What happened to the days when lettering was an art? Now that everything in mechanically produced, things have lost the little details that make them so interesting.

Carolina Trace FD of Lee Cty, NC began construction t0 enlarge their fire station and with a new look, needed a new image. I had a lot of freedom with the project and wanted to explore hand-lettering. Vintage signage was common in the early days of fire, with signs for Union Fire, “new-fangled” fire extinguishers and hoses for horse-drawn fire trucks. Most fire depts. are highly steeped in tradition. Why not play that up with an interesting, very unique and detailed vintage sign?

These are my rough drafts.

IMG_2932Chalkboard style hand drawn vintage fire logo IMG_2934


Tell me what you think!

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