Memorial Day, aka BBQ Day… or as my pastor said, “The weekend when all the rich folks take off for the beach and all of you are left here to come to church.”

Memorial Day has always been a day to remember those who serve. You know, like Army, Marines, Navy. But what about the police, firefighters and EMT who wait patiently at their stations to save you from danger?  Now, I’m certainly never going to say that firefighters are more important than soldiers. What I am pointing out is that we often are too busy flippin’ burgers and collecting holiday pay to remember our neighbors who are still hard at work at all hours of the day. Keep them in your prayers, so they come home safe.

Enjoy your hot dog- add some extra relish. But remember the sacrifices that those who serve make to keep you free and safe.

(Photo copyright  the blogger, Michelle Dennis, 2013) A Firefighter with Her Strength



Strength for those who serve

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