DIY: Large $8 Architectural Mirror

Here’s another one of my DIY projects that makes designer items affordable for all. I was inspired by a ceiling medallion, found at a yardsale. This was a generic builder’s grade foam piece, 36″ round, with a hole in the center for a ceiling light. It had great bones and interesting details that screamed “unique and classically timeless!” And so I purchased it.

IMG_2745I stopped by a few dollar stores in search of a mirror for the center, but no avail. JoAnn fabrics had them in many sizes. I selected an 16″ mirror. With the 40% off coupon, it was under $5. Using hot glue, I affixed the mirror over the hole in the center of the medallion and added a wire for suspension. Lastly, I took a watered-down gold acrylic paint and rubbed it into the recesses of the design to age the piece and bring out unique characteristics.

For the size, this is absolutely a steal! Most 36″ mirrors are $75 or more! Here’s to cheap tricks and a designer’s eye.


Tell me what you think!

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