Rewarding your Customers

Part of being an artist and a designer is to study humanity and create based on proven behaviors. That is good design, not a nice picture, but the most functional, memorable option.

Something that I’ve been struggling with is building brand experience, creating customer loyalty and thus having “unintentional sales” as in, recurring customers and word of mouth business that I didn’t have to try beg for on my own.

Some craftspeople I know include gifts or freebies with purchases. I was reading Geninne’s Art Blog and I came across these cute hand-stamped bags that she packs purchases in. Too cute to throw away, I’m sure people reuse them or regift them. They are cool and quirky with just enough uniqueness to stand out. And they weren’t hard or expense to make. Mostly, they made the customer feel good because it was a small token of appreciation. And isn’t that just what we all want? To feel appreciated?


Tell me what you think!

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