Hire me!

I’m a Graphic designer with five years of experience, specializing in print, web and branding. I earned an A.S. in Graphic Design from Columbus State (Dec. 2010) where I made the Dean’s List almost every quarter. My B.A. was earned at the University of Akron (Dec 2012). I have won several design competitions and earned accolades for my excellent design work and sense of artistic principles- all things that I can share with you.
Are you looking for a fantastic new designer to add to your creative team? Perhaps you’re just looking to get some design work done for your business? visit my work at http://www.cargocollective.com/michelledennis
Maybe you’re just reading along, just to hear my musings. That’s okay too!

Thanks for looking… hire me!

Michelle Dennis
Web | print | design


2 thoughts on “Hire me!

  1. i found your blog by accident, googling ‘creative indignation’.
    i just read a chapter in a book about the peep culture and resist liking and facebooking today, feel caught in the red, but i wanted to say hello. you remind me of how 12 years ago i was a grad student in creative writing, single mom. it was harsh. we came alone with my son to this country. we survived on the teaching assistance. then we moved to nyc. well, it did not get better financially, so sorry to say. but along the way i’ve been happy when i could explore, play, be creative. i figured it’s worth starving for that. i don’t know. i really don’t know why society arrived at this conclusion.
    after we die they name streets after us.

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